Business Details

MD: Clodagh Doyle
Legal Status: Company
In Business: 7 Years
VAT Registered: Yes
Number of Staff: 3
Team Qualifications: No
Awards: Yes
Pro. Memberships: No

Locations Served

Co. Carlow
Co. Dublin
Co. Dublin (North)
Co. Dublin (South)
Dublin City (Centre)
Dublin City (Northside)
Dublin City (Southside)
Dublin City (West)
Co. Kildare
Co. Kilkenny
Co. Laois
Co. Longford
Co. Louth
Co. Meath
Co. Offaly
Co. Westmeath
Co. Wexford
Co. Wicklow


Bank of Ireland Start Up Services Awards (Finalist 2014)
V Blog Awards Finalist 2017